Our team of unique individuals bring authenticity and dedication to K2D. With diverse backgrounds and high quality expertise, each team member ensures our projects are on time, on budget, and perfectly executed for every customer’s wants and needs.


Kyle- Co owner

Kyle first learned drywall at age 17 and has been gaining skills and experience ever since, eventually starting his own small business. He met Keith while working together on a job, and they started talking about joining their businesses. Shortly after, K2D was formed. He loves seeing jobs progress from start to finish and getting to know everyone working on site. He works hard to keep jobs on schedule and meet the unique needs of every customer.  

Kyle is a father of 3 girls Noelle, Natalee, and Neely with his wife, Jeanene. Outside of work, he enjoys time spent with his family playing games, camping, and working around the house. He’s also an avid athlete and has never lost at sports trivia.


Keith- co owner

Keith grew up helping his dad on construction projects and eventually ended up in the drywall business working for himself. With years of experience in drywall and remodels, he had a vision of a company that has the quality and customer service of a large company within the budget of a low overhead business. Together with Kyle, he has worked to make K2D live up to these standards. He loves sales, estimating, and executing the budget, but he still loves to help finish drywall on jobs.

Keith is married to his wife, Christine, and they have 3 sons and 1 daughter. He enjoys spending most of his free time with his family. Since his children range in age from 11 months to 11 years, they keep him pretty busy outside of K2D.


Weli- project manager, sales

Weli learned construction through his father-in-law and has gained experience throughout the years working for both others and himself. He held the contract for the install of the hollow metal frames, doors, and hardware for the Lancaster Convention Center and Marriot Hotel. He started at K2D in 2018 after Keith reached out to him about using his skills to grow this business. He works on bidding large commercial jobs and enjoys applying all his experience to continue to push K2D into a bigger operation.

Weli is married to his wife, Carolyn, and has 2 daughters, Chloe and Sophi. He and his wife own Grandview Granola Co., and he spends his free time helping with production and running markets. He enjoys his downtime by smoking his pipe and sipping bourbon while sitting around a campfire.


Jason- quality control, sales

Jason’s first experience with drywall was just helping a friend on a small project as a favor. Almost 20 years later, and he still loves working hard to see a project through to the end. He joined K2D through Keith who he knew previously.

He has been married to his wife, Marian, for 12 years, and together they have 3 children.  He enjoys using fishing in his free time and following Philadelphia sports teams (especially the flyers).


Brent- project manager

Brent has worked in various types of construction for nearly 30 years. He started off in the HVAC field and found he loved to be a part of home renovations. He started his own business working with customers and companies to complete renovation projects. Eventually, he joined K2D where he fits perfectly as a renovation specialist.

Brent is married to his wife of 36 years, Julie. They have a daughter and 2 grandchildren. In his spare time, he enjoys time with his family, bike riding, woodworking, and personal renovation projects. He is involved at his church as an usher and a greeter. He also loves watching sports - go Penn State and Philadelphia Eagles!


Chloe- office manager

Chloe is the newest addition to the K2D team. She started in June of 2018 when her father, Weli, mentioned a need to fill the position. She has a background in both retail and distribution management, and she brings her organization and creative problem solving to the business.

Outside of work, Chloe enjoys spending time with friends, learning how to make new things, and keeping up with too many TV shows.