A Space for CleanEatz

Main Goal: to convert an existing restaurant into a new restaurant as economically as possible.


Challenges Faced:

The biggest challenge we faced was the time frame for the renovations. The owner had a “Hard date” for opening the restaurant which was the 1st week of September. Due to permitting and abatement issues we lost a month from the schedule. Even though it was a franchise, it was the owner’s desire to add personal touches to his restaurant.


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Solution to Challenges

Although we had an exasperated schedule by working overtime and adding four of K2’s finest tradesmen, we were able to make up two weeks and turned the project over by the 2nd week of September 2018. In the end, because the parent company was so pleased with our design ideas, the owner was able to include his desires for the finishes. In fact, the parent company now incorporates our collective design into their standard floor plan. Overall, the client was thrilled with our ingenuity, quality, and design.

End Results

The owner was able to include some ideas that he had into the finishes, that were different than what the franchise called for. The use of iron pipe shelving is now standard. The owner selected solid wood slabs for the main service counter and front counter. We incorporated hardwood flooring remnants on the partition walls, and also used tin-roofing as an accent on the main service counter wall.


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Any other Special Details

The project required extensive demolition for the redesign. We had to cut, trench, excavate and patch large areas. The entire floor area needed to be grounded due to asbestos that was found in the initial flooring adhesive which then required asbestos abatement. We also had roof leaks to overcome and subsequent mold issues on the walls which also required abatement.

The owner served as point person for all the restaurant equipment. In turn, we helped with all the unloading, un-crating and set up. This included helping to assemble a large walk-in refrigerator, while the other construction was going on.